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Swansea’s Mariners: old and young from all corners of the world

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About 150 mariners born or residing in Swansea were killed in the First World War. Age restrictions for serving in the armed forces did not apply to the Merchant Service and, unlike the armed forces, their pay was stopped on the day their ship was sunk. Merchant mariners were routinely under 18 or over 38 years old. In addition, a third of the men were born outside the UK. The crew of the TANGISTAN were 13 British, 20 Indian, 1 Finnish and 2 Norwegian.

This tribute was suggested by Phil Treseder. In association with Swansea Museum.

Arthur Rowland Jones
Arthur Rowland Jones: Serving on the LUSITANIA and AVANTI
Some of the TAMPA crew
USS Coast Guard Cutter TAMPA
U-boat torpedo room
Danger Unseen