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3D-model of the DRINA wreck

Go on a Virtual Dive to Wrecks of the First World War

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In mid-June, the Nautical Archaeology Society partnered with the U-Boat Project 1914-18 and held a fieldschool in Abercastle, Pembrokeshire. Almost 100 divers from the UK and Netherlands had the chance to explore the wreck of the LEYSIAN which had crashed into the cliffs under dubious circumstances on 20 February 1917. The field school undertook the first maritime archaeological survey of the remains of the LEYSIAN and also delivered courses for both new and experienced divers.

3D-model of the DRINA wreck
Virtual dive to the DRINA wreck.

For anyone who missed the fieldschool or is not a diver themselves, but wants to investigate the maritime heritage of Wales, the U-Boat Project now offers unprecedented access to some of the wrecks from the First World War on our website.

On a virtual dive, you can explore 3D, interactive models of eight wartime wrecks. As you dive around the wrecks and explore them from all sides, hotspots will guide you to particular points of interest. Pop-up windows will show you historical photographs, ship plans or drawings and contain explanatory notes.

Pop-up window for the PENSHURST wreck
A pop-up window on the virtual wreck model of the PENSHURST.

On your virtual dive, discover what life on board the German submarine U 87 was really like. Find out how the PENSHURST hid her guns inside collapsible boats and explore the broken and scattered remains of the DRINA.