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Commemorating The Welsh Experience Of The Great War At Sea

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3-4 November 2018
Pater Hall, Lewis Street, Pembroke Dock, SA72 6DD

This two-day conference explores the experience of the mariners and communities of Wales who were engaged in Royal Navy, mercantile marine and fishing industries during the First World War. The conference is intended both to showcase research and projects which have been undertaken during the commemorative period, but also to encourage further research and community-led heritage projects that explore the continuing impact of the conflict in the post-war period.

Call for Contributions
Contributions can be made through formal presentations or workshops, or more informally during the ‘unconference’ session or by setting up a show stand. We welcome contributions through the medium of Welsh, English, or bilingually. We also actively encourage presentations by women. Conference sessions will feature papers of around 30 minutes duration. There will also be a series of less formal 15-minute sessions. We actively encourage individuals and groups participating in the U-boat Project Wales to present their past, current and upcoming work in these sessions.

Themes and Topics
We particularly welcome papers which explore:

  • Themes, events and people that commemoration has so far left unremembered
  • The human experience of maritime conflict
  • The wartime duties of the merchant marine
  • Technology and the war at sea
  • Remembering the war at sea: memorials, memoirs and material culture
  • Family history and the legacy of maritime war
  • The roles undertaken and experience of women and girls
  • The roles undertaken and experience of other Minority Ethnic Communities
  • Public opinion and media coverage relating to the navies/merchant marine before, during and after the conflict

There will also be practical, hands-on demonstrations or training in the use of online resources for researchers. To make a submission for a presentation, seminar discussion or workshop, please send us a short proposal (300 words) together with your name and organisation.

Deadline for submissions
The deadline for the submission of papers, seminars and workshops is Wednesday, 1 August 2018. Decisions will be made after consideration of the merits of the individual submissions and their fit into the overall programme. We will notify applicants about our decision by Friday, 17 August 2018.

Free registration for the event will be extended to those presenting a paper or workshop. Please note that while we strongly encourage submissions which include more than one speaker, we can only offer one free registration per submission. We regret that no further expenses can be offered. For overseas applicants, presentation of papers via live-web streaming may be considered.

For further information or any questions please contact:

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The ‘U-Boat Project’ commemorates the Great War at Sea around the coast of Wales. It is a 2-year Heritage Lottery Funded partnership project led by the RCAHMW, with an overall value of £1M, which provides unprecedented access, for the first time in 100 years, to the remains of 17 wrecks on the seabed off the Welsh coast which are part of our Great War heritage, but which remain under-researched and under-valued.

More information about the project’s aims and funding can be found here: